The US and European Commission (EC) outlined joint progress towards 6G development and potential AI use cases, following a meeting to discuss an existing trade and technology pact.

In a statement, the authorities noted the signing of an arrangement around 6G research and published a paper detailing a common vision for the technology, including the anticipated benefit of more secure communications infrastructure.

The US and European Union (EU) will work together to support “disaggregated 6G cloud architectures with standardised interfaces between different stakeholders” and ensure future networks can contribute to sustainability goals.

This is in line with a joint statement on 6G endorsed by ten EU member states earlier this year, the authorities noted.

Further, the governments emphasised the potential of the next generation of mobile networks in propelling “a new landscape for how enterprises operate”, adding it was expected to increase convergence in the fields of connectivity, robotics, cloud and commerce.

The US and EU also provided an update on collaboration in the field of AI, publishing a paper providing information on potential use cases including mitigating extreme weather, energy and emergency response.

In the document, the partners said AI can provide assistance in mitigating urban challenges, citing the technology’s potential application in power grids to optimise energy or city-scale digital twinning to improve emergency response.

The joint research is based on principles announced in April 2022, aimed at shaping emerging technologies to tackle global challenges.

Other policies updated include a three-year extension of a collaboration for semiconductor resilience.