Intel teamed with investment giant DigitalBridge Group to create a new company dubbed Articul8 AI, offering generative AI (GenAI) software capabilities with the aim of driving adoption across enterprises.

Intel stated Articul8 was created with IP and technology developed by the US chipmaker, and it will now work with the new company to push GenAI to its broader ecosystem of customers and partners.

At the heart of Articul8’s offering is a full-stack GenAI software platform, delivering capabilities to enterprises to “keep customer data, training and inference within the enterprise security perimeter”. The platform also provides customers a choice of cloud, be it on-premise or hybrid, added Intel.

Former VP and general manager of Intel’s Data Centre and AI Group Arun Subramaniyan has been named as Articul8’s CEO.

DigitalBridge’s venture arm served as the lead investor of Articul8, while a number of companies including Zain Group have taken an equity stake in the new company.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel said the company was aiming to accelerate AI everywhere, while his counterpart at DigitalBridge, Marc Ganzi, added that GenAI was “a pivotal force driving digital infrastructure” and Aritcul8’s platform was already enabling enterprises to unlock value from proprietary data.

While Intel is clearly hyping the segment with Articul8’s launch, research released at the end of 2023 by one of its subsidiaries found many executives surveyed were reticent to deploy the technology due to challenges around rolling out large language models.

In total, only 10 per cent of 430 technology professionals stated their organisation had launched a GenAI set-up in 2023.