Professional services company Accenture committed to invest $3 billion in AI over the next three years, funds it will use to expand existing services and help customers establish new business strategies based on the technology.

In a statement, Accenture explained the investment will cover a range of initiatives: the expansion of its AI specialists to a workforce of 80,000; launching a generative AI-based enterprise platform; exploring capabilities through R&D projects; and developing and deepening business partnerships.

Accenture chair and CEO Julie Sweet said there is unprecedented interest in all areas of the technology and its substantial investment in its Data and AI practice can aid clients to unlock opportunities “at a time when the technology is changing rapidly”.

The company promotes itself as an AI specialist, with more than a decade of experience deploying the technology for business cases spanning marketing, retail and manufacturing.

Accenture offers what it branded as integrated automation platforms it states helps customers scale their assets and operations.

Paul Daugherty, group CEO at Accenture Technology, said the expanded Data and AI unit taps the company’s “power and breadth” in terms of “creating industry-specific solutions” for clients.