Google reportedly opened a cybersecurity hub in Japan focused on promoting research around countering online attacks, in an apparent response to increasing threats from neighbouring countries.

Nikkei Asia reported the facility will be stationed in Google’s office in Roppongi, Tokyo and it will focus on research around boosting cyber defence across Asia-Pacific, while the facility will be used to host training programmes.

Research data will also be shared with relevant authorities, companies and local universities.

Heather Adkins, VP security engineering at Google told Nikkei cybersecurity experts at Japanese institutes “are ready to aid in the joint research”, and the company plans to invite engineers from India, Australia, South Korea and Southeast Asian nations to take part in the project.

Meanwhile, The Japan Times reported the facility will also be used to spearhead educational initiatives and policy discussions around cybersecurity. It will represent 13 nations in the region.

Japan has been ramping up its defence systems after it suffered a number of attacks in 2023, including the hacking of its national space agency and cybersecurity agency.

Local companies including Yamaha and Fujitsu were also targets of high-profile attacks.

Nikkei reported there are growing concerns about threats emerging from China in particular.