21 March 2024 | 16:00 GMT

Health systems are reimagining the hospital of the future. New technologies like real-time asset tracking, artificial intelligence, and applied virtual/augmented reality are expected to be integral to delivering next-generation, interventional care with real-time insights at the point of care. But an infrastructure transformation will also be necessary to help deliver those capabilities and power innovation roadmaps.

This webinar explores how healthcare organizations are reimagining the hospital of the future from the ground up with speed to data and real-time care in mind.

Learning points:

  • How health systems are rethinking hospital infrastructure and digital innovation
  • The operational and clinical use cases that will likely need secure, real-time capabilities
  • How private cellular networks (5G) and edge compute can help drive speed to information
  • What the roadmap to the real-time, intelligent hospital should look like