UK operator Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) aimed a fresh recycling push at businesses, which are estimated to be retaining almost 12 million unused mobile phones and tablets, in its latest sustainability initiative focused on the enterprise segment.

The operator revealed the results of a survey indicating 70 per cent of companies in the country had a desire to be more sustainable with their electronics, but many had no idea how to go about recycling old devices.

Under its existing O2 Recycle scheme, VMO2 has processed 3.8 million devices since 2009. The scheme is now being given a fresh push targeting businesses with the aim of helping companies of all sizes trade-in their old technology.

Under the O2 Recycle for Business banner, the company noted it offers cashback, credit or charity donations in exchange for old handsets regardless of whether it supplied them originally.  

The operator highlighted with the renewed push it is enhancing its service so companies could register multiple devices at once and arrange free courier collections of old handsets. Remote employees can be sent a QR code so they can post devices to the operator.