TikTok revealed it is undertaking a limited test of AI-powered search tool Tako for its social media app, with selected users in the Philippines taking part in the trial.

In a social media post, the company explained it is in the early stages of exploring chatbot tools for its platform, with Tako expected to aid in content search and discovery.

TikTok noted the system is “powered by a third-party chat assistant” though didn’t disclose which. It added there are “no current plans for this beyond these early tests”.

Limited information was disclosed by the company, though Bloomberg reported for test users the feature appears as a ghost-like icon in the corner of the screen. When selected, a chatbot is activated which can provide recommendations based on user interests and preferences.

In screenshots published by the news website, the notice detailing Tako’s abilities highlights it can have conversations and answer questions, though warns users not to always rely on the answers.

The news comes at a time when AI platforms, especially generative versions, have gained significant attention both with technology companies supporting development and regulators seeking to ensure ethical use.