Indonesia-headquartered Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel) closed a deal to acquire 803 towers from Gametraco Tunggal for IDR1.8 trillion ($116.3 million), adding more than 1,300 new tenants.

President director Theodorus Ardi Hartokos stated the deal has strategic value, as 70 per cent of the towers are located outside of the main island of Java.

“Expanding market share outside Java has become strategic for a number of operators. This expansion is in line with the increasing need for internet services in various regions.”

He added in addition to strengthening its regional coverage, the acquisition also boosts its tenancy ratio.

Hartokos said the company would continue to add tower and fibre-optics assets in future.

Independent tower company Gametraco Tunggal offloaded the majority of its portfolio in the deal.

Mitratel closed September with 37,091 towers and 55,704 tenants.