Tencent outlined plans for an internal inspection of a feature offering parental controls for its WeChat social media app, after Chinese authorities filed a lawsuit alleging the function is unlawful.

In its Weibo account, Tencent explained it will examine the so-called Youth Mode on WeChat after the legal action was initiated last week.

Reuters reported authorities took action against the function for failing to comply with local child protection laws, without specifying the breach.

The mode restricts users accessing certain WeChat features including payments, some games and a friend location system.

In its post, Tencent expressed willingness to accept user suggestions for improving the service and emphasised the importance of “the healthy growth of young people”.

Tencent stated its app will actively seek ways to protect younger WeChat users.

The lawsuit adds to recent pressure on Tencent by domestic authorities.

Last month, Tencent temporarily suspended new account registrations on WeChat to initiate moves to comply with local laws, and last week pledged to limit the time younger players spend on its flagship mobile gaming title Honor of Kings.

Tencent is also in the spotlight as part of broader Chinese efforts to tackle growing competition concerns relating to home-grown tech giants.