Google rolled out a new feature for its Duo app to improve the quality of video calls in low-light situations.

When activated, the company said its new Low Light Mode will automatically adjust the brightness of the video stream on Duo to ensure people in the frame are more visible, even in dim lighting.

The feature, which is launching globally on iOS and Android this week, can be toggled on or off in Duo’s settings menu.

In a blog post, Google said poor lighting was a consistent challenge for Duo users: “In many places, electric lighting is a significant challenge, preventing people from connecting face to face… Even when electricity is not an issue, many people just want to video call to say good night right before bed.”

The move appears to build on Google’s introduction of Night Sight late last year, a software upgrade on its Pixel 3 smartphone which similarly improves the brightness and colour of low-light images without a flash.