Amazon made a step into the digital health segment, launching a fitness tracking wristband which offers information through a dedicated mobile app.

The e-commerce company said its Amazon Halo service will use AI to provide users with a “comprehensive understanding of their health and wellness”.

Amazon Halo will be able to track a user’s sleep by using motion, heart rate and temperature data. Users are awarded points based on the duration and intensity of physical activity, though inactivity results in deductions.

The company claimed a body fat percentage measurement system is “as accurate as methods a doctor would use”.

Amazon Halo will also provide insights on a person’s energy and positivity by tracking their voice.

The company emphasised privacy credentials, explaining “health data is encrypted in transit and in the cloud”.

Amazon’s Halo wristband does not have a screen or notification options. But it does offer an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, two microphones (which can be turned off), and LED indicator light.

The band goes on sale in the US today (27 August) priced at $64.99, which includes a six-month subscription. Thereafter, there is a $3.99 monthly fee.