Accenture and Google Cloud unveiled a plan to create a global generative AI centre of excellence to provide enterprises with optimal large language models (LLMs) to build and scale their applications.

The centre will provide tools and applications to help enterprises improve operations, create new lines of businesses and build new customer experiences to scale generative AI across complex and common tasks.

It offers customers a range of LLMs including Google’s Gemini Pro API.

The centre combines Accenture’s deep model customisation and engineering services with Google Cloud’s GenAI technology to enable the rapid prototyping of services on Google Cloud.

It also includes Google Cloud’s Duet AI for Developers to support code generation and completion for customers, and access to the cloud provider’s AI-optimised infrastructure for the training, tuning and serving of AI models.

Accenture stated the centre will offer customers access to its portfolio of AI managed services and best practices developed across more than 300 GenAI projects.

It highlighted it has 1,450 current and pending patents relating to AI.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, stated “enterprises across industries” will “have access to leading technical experts and engineers that can address their most complex business challenges”.

As part of the arrangement, Accenture will expand its internal use of Duet AI for Developers to thousands of its software engineers.