OpenAI hailed a deal with multinational media company Alex Springer to summarise news stories from publications including Politico and Bild for ChatGPT users, a move they claimed would strengthen independent journalism in the age of AI.

Bloomberg reported OpenAI will pay Alex Springer several millions of euros to access its content over the course of the three-year deal.

ChatGPT will provide summaries of news articles from the media outlets including content under a paid firewall.

The companies stated the answers will include attribution and links to the full articles “for transparency and further information”.

OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap stated the move “will help provide people with new ways to access quality, real-time news content through our AI tools”, adding it is committed to working with publishers and creators to ensure “they benefit from advanced AI technology and new revenue models”.

Content from the media company’s publications will also be used to train OpenAI large language models.

A group of US authors sued OpenAI in September over alleged copyright infringement for using their novels to train its models.