Smart edge device connectivity IP licensor Ceva updated its wireless products range to meet what it claimed is a growing need to combine multiple connectivity protocols in a single chip for smart IoT devices.

The Ceva-Waves Links product spans Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband and IEEE 802.15.4 IP, a range the company stated is required to meet demand for silicon capable of providing the latest wireless connectivity for consumer IoT, industrial, automotive and PC markets.

Ceva rebranded some existing IP to create its latest portfolio.

Tal Shalev, VP and GM of Ceva’s Wireless IoT business unit, said its existing range “already powers more than 1 billion devices annually”, helping the company establish a diverse “customer base across consumer and industrial IoT applications”.

Shalev added many of Ceva’s customers are “designing chips employing multiple wireless standards” and the latest range would “dramatically reduce the technology barrier” by providing tailored systems for those seeking high-performance, low-latency and low-power connectivity.

The initial product in the Ceva-Waves Links range covers Wi-Fi 6; Bluetooth 5.4 Dual Mode; and IEEE-compatible Thread, ZigBee and Matter options. It offers an optimised co-existence system and is already compatible with TSMC chips produced in a 22nm process.

Ceva stated future products may include Wi-Fi 6E and 7; next generation Bluetooth; UWB; and embedded radio solutions from customers or their partners.