Eutelsat OneWeb secured its first low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite broadband connectivity contract in the business aviation sector, being tapped to provide coverage to a fleet of luxury Boeing jets.

The deal covers Boeing Business Jets being completed by specialist company ALOFT AeroArchitects, which stated it selected Eutelsat OneWeb to meet customer demand for high-speed connectivity.

Eutelsat OneWeb explained the aircraft will sport an electronically steered array terminal from Stellar Blue Technologies, a company with facilities in the US and Europe which specialises in aircraft satellite antenna technology.

ALOFT AeroArchitects is working to achieve certification for the set up for operators of Boeing 737 aircraft, a move hinting at the potential for further connectivity contracts for Eutelsat OneWeb.

The satellite company’s head of business aviation Jason Sperry said the collaboration would deliver an aerial broadband experience comparable with ground-based services, due to the “low-latency that is inherent in our LEO network”.

Eutelsat OneWeb operates more than 630 LEO birds along with 35 geostationary (GEO) satellites following a combination completed in 2023.