Apple, Square join forces on watch payments

Apple, Square join forces on watch payments

19 AUG 2015

An updated version of Square Cash lets users of the Apple Watch take advantage of the P2P payments app.

The latest iOS version of the app enables Apple Watch users to join other mobile device users in forwarding money to friends and family.

Square, which is more famous for its point-of-sale service, launched the P2P payments app two years ago. Initially, the service worked via email, whereby users added a dollar amount to the message’s subject line before sending to a recipient.

Then, a year ago, the payments firm added an updated version of the app which enables users to send and request money via text. Users of the app can link a phone number to their debit card, just as they already do with email addresses.

Apple Watch users can of course already use Apple Pay to make payments at the point of sale. In fact, they seem to positively enjoy it according to a survey by research firm Wristly, which found 80 per cent of Apple Watch users in the UK and US have used Apple Pay at least once.

But Apple Pay does not offer a P2P payment functionality, which is why the latest version of Square Cash might prove popular for watch users who still have some spare cash left after paying for their pricey timepieces.


Richard Handford

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