Jim Dukhovny, CEO at Alef Aeronautics (pictured) detailed the key features of a flying car prototype which the start-up branded as an industry first, while outlining how the advanced vehicle could contribute to society.

Opening the last keynote of MWC Barcelona 2024, Dukhovny argued the company’s flying car can “change most industries” and “how the everyday world looks like” as he expanded on its efficiency and sustainability aspects.

“The amount of cars double every 20 years in cities, but the width of the roads stays the same”, Dukhovny said, adding the flying car concept has been explored for decades but the necessary tech including microelectronics and batteries were lacking until 2015.

This was the year Alef began developing the $300,000 prototype. 

Dukhovny pointed out the prototype is “faster than an aircraft” for short distances and is “at least two times faster than any transport” as it beats traffic queues, adding it is “the greenest motor vehicle” which uses less energy per trip compared to any electric car or helicopter. 

“But all of this will not matter if we were not the safest [vehicle] in history”, said the CEO, who said the new transport should be “safer than an airplane and a car” to be accepted in the market.

Dukhovny argued flying cars have less chance of collision or accidents. 

Alef’s flying car features more than 200 safety systems, rotating wings and motors allowing users to take off and land “vertically”. The company is currently preparing “a big public demo” set to take place “very soon”. 

Dukhovny said the concept car has been granted legal approval to fly in US, Canada and parts of Europe.