Mobile World Live (MWL) brings you our top three picks of the week, as US President Joe Biden signed a bill that could ban TikTok, Microsoft highlighted a new lightweight AI model and the 3GPP took the wraps off a new 6G logo.

US moves forward on TikTok ban

What happened: US President Joe Biden signed legislation which could lead to a nationwide ban on TikTok if parent ByteDance does not agree to sell its US assets over a nine-month time span.

Why it matters: TikTok’s 170 million US users and 7 million businesses would be out in the cold if the ban goes through, but the company vowed to fight the measure in court.

Lisa Plaggemier, executive director of the National Cybersecurity Alliance, stated TikTok “presents significant cybersecurity concerns for the United States” primarily “due to the Chinese company’s access to user data”.

Microsoft lightens up on AI with Phi-3 launch

What happened: Microsoft continued to slim down AI language models, unveiling its third lightweight edition which it stated offers comparable performance to rival products.

Why it matters: The software giant’s Phi-3 mini offers 3.8 billion parameters trained on 3.3 trillion tokens, which it claimed was suitable for use on mobile phones.

3GPP takes next step towards 6G with new logo

What happened: A logo for use on specifications for 6G has been approved by the Project Coordination Group of standards body 3GPP, a move it claims represents the next step in preparations to usher in the next-generation technology.

Why it matters: The new logo indicated 3GPP and the industry’s willingness to firm up 6G specifications and provide a roadmap for developing products and services ahead of deployments around 2030.