LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE 360 SERIES – LATIN AMERICA, BUENOS AIRES: Intel stressed the need to monetise data from the IoT, while other experts weighed in on opportunities and regulation, in a session titled Mobile Networks – Delivering IoT & Societal Impact.

IoT is going to be the next big business in Latin America, replacing the internet, computers and smartphones, and operators need to be ready to cash in on the opportunity, stated Marcelo Bartelomi, Americas Territory general manager for Intel (pictured).

They must now start thinking about what they will do with all the data being collected and whatever solution they come up with must be scaleable.

He stressed that IoT solutions will include a huge number of processes and workflows. In the transportation vertical alone, there will be solutions for passengers, logisitics and cold storage to name a few. Operators must identify where they can position themselves and where they can add the most value.

Intel, for instance, is looking into transportation, smart cities, video surveillance and retail, and wants to work with operators “so that they can start looking at repeatable and scaleable solutions”.

IoT regulations
Meanwhile Stefano Nicoletti, policy director, technology policy, government and regulatory affairs at the GSMA, said that while it is obvious IoT is very diferent from traditional data and voice service, this is not always reflected in the regulatory policies of some governments.

They need to realise IoT has a much lower connectivity ARPU and involves completely different business models.

He recommends governments first estimate the socio-economic impact of IoT and then design a long-term strategy by consulting stakeholders.

A second step is to identify which key sectors they want to focus on. The areas that LatAm will benefit from can be vastly different from the US and Japan, for example, and so key performance indicators should be defined accordingly.

And lastly, he said independent decision making and funding, coupled with cross department coordination is key.