AI player Anthropic introduced a subscription plan aimed at enterprise productivity, an offering that gives customers access to its latest Claude 3 models on top of a suite of intelligent admin and management tools.

In a blog post, the Google-backed start-up explained the package, named the Teams plan, has a monthly subscription cost of $30 per individual user. Anthropic stated the offerings are designed for customers looking to better manage complex workflows and in turn boost productivity.

The Teams plan allows organisations to “create a workspace with increased usage” compared to its other premium bundling, noting subscribers can “increase the number of chats” with the Claude assistant. It will also gives customers the privilege of using all models under the Claude 3 family, which was launched in March.

This will enable clients to choose the “best-suited model” for their specific business needs. Offerings in its premium bundling will also be made available to Teams plan subscribers, on top of new “admin tools and billing management” and improved processing power suitable for long documents, complex topics or data analysis.

Anthropic also launched an iOS mobile app for Claude users, accessible for free to customers across all plans.

The news makes Anthropic the latest AI company to introduce business offerings. Recently, Toronto-based start-up Cohere agreed a deal with Microsoft to inject its latest enterprise model Command R+ into Azure.

The Canadian company also partnered with McKinsey last year to offer AI tools for businesses. In October 2023, consulting giant Gartner predicted more than 80 per cent of enterprises will have used the technology across applications in production environments by 2026.