Switzerland outlined plans to introduce USB-C as the common charging port for devices in the country in 2024, following the same timeline as the European Union (EU).

Swiss government body the Federal Council stated consumers will be able to use the same charger for a whole range of electronic devices regardless of manufacturer, after it agreed a revision of current regulations.  

Through the move, uniform charging protocols and interfaces featuring the USB-C standard will be introduced for mobile phones and other radio equipment, along with other devices with wireless components.

Switzerland is not part of the EU and the move follows an agreement reached in June 2022 between the European Parliament and European Council for the bloc to adopt USB-C as the common charging port by late 2024.

Through its regulation revision, the Federal Council stated it will make its switch to USB-C “at the same time” as the EU.

Aside from the benefits of using a common charger when travelling abroad, the Federal Council also pointed to the benefits of the approach with regards to sustainability and reduction of e-waste.

The EU’s move to USB-C had ramifications for Apple, which has long used its Lightning connector as the charging port for its smartphones.

However, the company introduced USB-C in its latest iPhone 15 flagship line, launched earlier this year.