PRESS RELEASE: Huawei’s latest mobile technology breakthrough product 8T8R was deployed commercially in Algeria and for the first time in Africa, helping Algeria overcome capacity overload and provide high-quality mobile connections. This move marks a greener era for Algeria’s telecom network infrastructure.

Facing the digital economy’s development, carriers in Algeria continue to implement green information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, including multi-antenna and ultra-wideband technology. These cutting-edge technologies significantly empower digital transformation in the economy, education, transportation, and infrastructure fields, realizing a faster and stronger economic recovery in Algeria after COVID-19 pandemic.

The smart 8T8R incorporates FDD dual band 8T8R RRU, TDD 2.3G 8T8R RRU, and integration antenna which supports FDD and TDD 8T8R. And along with Huawei’s innovative FDD beamforming algorithm, smart 8T8R improves spectral efficiency and supports better 4G and 5G performance. In addition, smart 8T8R beamforming features higher energy efficiency, compared with 2T2R and 4T4R. It consumes less energy under the same capacity. Huawei smart 8T8R is the industry’s first FDD RAN product that uses RRU channel innovation to replace traditional transmit power increases to improve network performance and bring OPEX saving with lower energy expenditures, which contributes to green and sustainable development of mobile infrastructure. Furthermore, this solution has won the “GSMA GLOMO Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award” in MWC 2023.

The commercial use of smart 8T8R results in significant improvement of network performance, including 1.7x capacity gain and 3.2x experience gain, which ensures that the sports events were successfully held. And now, it is under large-scale deployment over carriers’ networks, in order to improve the overall network quality and user experience.

Huawei FDD 8T8R solution has been widely deployed by more than 100 carriers around the world. It not only improves network capacity and coverage, but also balances uplink and downlink 5G experience, helping deliver the best 5G experience. In addition, it can help carriers reduce network energy consumption and achieve high-quality 5G upgrades in the future. Huawei will continue to cooperate with carriers to provide Algeria with a competitive digital infrastructure foundation.