PRESS RELEASE: China Mobile Guangdong and Huawei successfully piloted new landscape-friendly invisible antennas in residential areas of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. The pilot use shows that the antennas can boost 5G coverage, laying a foundation for efficient and high-quality 5G deployment in more residential areas across the province.

Network construction in residential areas is a particularly important, but also very challenging, process in the future 5G network planning of China Mobile Guangdong, as antenna installation is difficult and requires permission from the property management companies. Traditional spotlight antenna installation are prone to failing in bad weather conditions, due to uneven quality and poor reliability, which severely degrades the mobile network coverage quality in residential areas. To overcome these challenges, China Mobile Guangdong proposed the innovative idea of high-performance and highly reliable landscape-friendly antennas, and made it a reality with partners.

The invisible antennas support the 1800 MHz, FA, E, and D frequency bands of China Mobile, enabling 4G and 5G coverage in a single deployment. They have 30% smaller frontal areas compared with traditional antennas with the same specifications, making them less likely to lose their installation orientation during extreme weather conditions such as typhoons. The mechanical vertical tilt angle of the antennas can be adjusted between –45° and +70°, effectively improving coverage in high-rise buildings. The horizontal azimuth orientation can be adjusted by ±20°, which facilitates network optimization.

Invisible antennas have no visual impact on their surroundings and offer higher reliability and much better performance than traditional spotlight antennas. Tests show that the new landscape-friendly invisible antennas improve coverage by 7 to 9 dB (4G coverage by 7.5 dB and 5G coverage by 8.6 dB) in residential areas.

China Mobile Guangdong will continue to work with Huawei and other industry partners to explore new technical solutions for bringing premium 5G to more scenarios and more users.