Tony Fadell, the CEO of smart thermostat company Nest Labs who also oversees Google Glass, sparked speculation about the future of the wearable when he said at an event that it has “no sacred cows” as it looks at driving the product forward.

While Google’s decision to pull the plug on its earlier iteration of the device was seen as an admission of failure by many observers, the company never actually said it was dead in the water. Indeed, it positioned the project as “graduating” from its Google[x] research arm to come under Fadell’s remit.

According to Financial Times, Fadell, making his first public comments since taking up the reins of the project, said: “We’ve decided to go and look at every detail, have no sacred cows and figure out the way forward. I have a really engaged team, they’re really excited about the future and expect more things to come soon.”

While Google Glass was a high-profile project in the smart eyewear space, it was not without its challenges – often related to concerns about privacy of those interacting with Google Glass users.

But the failure has not put others off the concept. Intel, for example, has inked a deal with fashion eyewear group Luxottica, which is expected to lead to a product launch this year. Sony is also working in this space.