Google refocuses Glass under Nest head

Google refocuses Glass under Nest head

16 JAN 2015

Google is revamping its Glass efforts, with its first generation product set to be axed early next week so the company can “focus on what’s coming next”.

In a blog post, Google said that the product is “graduating” from its Google[x] research arm to become a team in the main business.

fadellAccording to Forbes, the unit will come under the remit of Tony Fadell (pictured, left), co-founder and CEO of Nest, which was acquired by Google early last year.

As part of this, the Google Glass Explorer Program will close.

While the company said that the next version of the wearable will be unveiled “when they are ready”, no details of future devices were revealed.

Reports late last year suggested that Google may work with Intel on future Glass products, displacing incumbent supplier TI. Intel is investing heavily in the wearables space.

While Google Glass has received a lot of publicity, the project so-far has not been without hiccoughs, related to concerns about privacy and some technical issues.

In addition, in its early stages it is still unclear what the primary use cases for Google Glass may be – although some observers have suggested that success lies in business rather than consumer applications.

With the lack of consumer take-up (reflecting the ‘beta’ nature of the product and high price tag), developer support has also been limited.

But clearly there is still some momentum around smart glasses, with Intel announcing partnerships with fashion brands to drive the technology further.

Google has also followed the partnership route, inking a deal with fashion group Luxottica (owner of the Ray-Ban and Oakley brands) – a company that is also working with Intel.


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