Samsung Electronics America began opened a self-repair facility for users of selected devices in the US, a move the manufacturer described as reinforcing its commitment to support a more circular economy.

Parts are available for the manufacturer’s Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 smartphones in addition to its Galaxy Tab S7+. They can be bought directly from Samsung’s stores or through partner iFixit, alongside tools and instructions on how to perform the repair.

Those using the facility will be given free postage to return discarded components for recycling.

At launch of the scheme today (2 August), Samsung is selling screens, back glasses and charging ports. It plans to eventually expand repair options and devices covered.

Samsung Electronics America president of customer care Mark Williams said the company was “continually offering more convenient options for consumers to extend the use of their devices, promote a circular economy and minimise e-waste”.

The development follows similar moves by Apple and Google, and comes at a time when regulators across various countries are pressing manufacturers to cut down on e-waste.

Currently iFixit is advertising Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra replacement charging ports for $59.99, back glass for the device at $69.99 and a combined screen and battery replacement at $239.99. The trio all include the relevant tools.