Samsung Electronics Americas revealed plans to provide facilities for customers to repair selected smartphones themselves using genuine parts, appropriate tools and step-by-step guides, a move echoing Apple.

Devices from Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and S20 range, alongside Galaxy Tab S7+ will be able to order the self-repair kits starting around the middle of the year.

The smartphone giant is collaborating with online repair specialist iFixit on the initiative.

At launch of the scheme users will be able to replace displays, back glasses and charging ports, with the removed parts able to be returned for recycling. Samsung plans to eventually widen the range of fixable components and expand to more devices.

In its statement, Samsung highlighted its various other services designed to lengthen the life of devices, and pointed to its sustainability and circular economy credentials.

Other measures include a postal-based repair service and facilities encouraging recycling of old handsets.

As companies from across the mobile industry clamber to promote their various environmental initiatives, regulators in several regions have lumped pressure on device makers to make repairs easier and threatened so-called right to repair legislation.