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Samsung working toward Galaxy Fold reboot

11 JUN 2019

Samsung indicated it still plans to bring its troubled Galaxy Fold smartphone to market, with CNET reporting the vendor intends to issue timings for a US launch in the coming weeks.

The vendor was forced to put the launch on ice following a number of issues with demonstration models. While its comments to CNET indicate it still plans to put the device in the hands of consumers, it was non-committal about a precise date.

Samsung won bragging rights for foldable smartphones among top tier vendors, when it was the first to unveil such a device (ahead of Huawei’s Mate X) and first to pitch review models into the market (the Huawei device is yet to be reviewed).

However, Samsung’s move this was quickly overshadowed by two issues. While reviewers removing a protective screen layer and damaging the display cannot be laid solely at the company’s door, there were other issues related to the device’s hinge mechanism.



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