Operators across Asia Pacific are blasting out promos to their client bases (and journalists), detailing the wonders of Apple’s latest upgrade, which apparently is “the biggest advancement in iPhone history”.

A close look reveals a fairly significant price differentiation in a number of markets.

Apple’s online store in Hong Kong only lists “prices starting at”, presumably for the 16GB versions. But both the 6 and 6 Plus – at HKD5,588 ($720) and HKD6,388 ($825) – are $90-107 cheaper than in Australia, $70-95 lower than in Singapore and $30-40 less than in Taiwan.

The iPhone 6 128GB version in Taiwan is $100 less than in Australia and $80 less than Singapore. For the 16GB model, the difference narrows to $60-40. For the top 6 Plus handset, which is going for at least $1,100 in the three markets, prices in Australia and Singapore are almost the same but still about $60 more than Taiwan. On the 16GB 6 Plus, the gap narrows to $65-55.

The Sydney Morning Herald lists the 6 at AUD869-1,129 ($810-1,050) and the 6 Plus goes for AUD999-1,249. Three memory options are offered: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB for the first time.

In Taiwan the Taipei Times reports the iPhone will be priced at TWD22,500-29,500 ($750-950) while the 6 Plus will go for between TWD25,900 and TWD32,900.

The Straits Times in Singapore compiled a fantastic graphic comparing the 6 and 6 Plus and Apple Watch to four or five competitive offerings. Another page lists prices at SGD988-1,288 ($790-1,030) for the 6 and SGD1,288-1,448 for the 6 Plus.

SmarTone’s iPhone news page simply states: “pre-order commences from 12 Sep afternoon”, and their media relations said “we’ll keep you posted”. StarHub’s iPhone page at least provides links to “register” and “learn more” while M1 pushes customers to the Singapore Apple store.

A look at Apple’s Singapore online store shows a conspicuous lack of price info. The same page on the US site lists the iPhone 6 at between $199 and $399 and the Plus at $299-499. Of course those are carrier subsidised prices.

Telenor said its business units in the region will have pricing closer to the launch of the devices. And pricing also has not been released in China, where Apple has yet to announce a launch date.