Apple outlined plans to add another layer of optional security to iPhones in the event a user’s passcode is stolen, by beta testing its Stolen Device Protection feature in iOS 17.3 with developers.

The security enhancement was designed to prevent thieves from changing passwords on stolen phones or turn off the Find My phone feature to reset it to its original factory settings to sell it.  

If a user’s phone is not in a trusted location, the feature will require Apple’s Face ID recognition along with the password to view stored passwords or other sensitive data.

It will also add a one-hour delay if there is an attempt to change the Apple ID password, or turn-off Touch ID or Face ID if the user is not at home or work.

The Wall Street Journal reported Apple plans to prompt users to turn on the feature in iOS 17.3 when it becomes available in the coming weeks.

Apple told CNBC, the feature will provide a “sophisticated” new safeguard for cases where a user has been overseen entering their passcode.