Apple implemented a software update which avoids infringing on a key patent named by Qualcomm in a claim filed with the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

In a filing posted by specialist website FOSS Patents, Apple said iOS 12.1 includes a design workaround to skirt a Qualcomm patent related to power saving technology.

Notably, the patent is the only one outstanding in a case which originally covered six. Qualcomm dropped claims on three and an ITC judge ruled Apple did not infringe on two others.

Apple said it expects it will take six months for the update to be rolled out on all iPhone inventory accused of violating the patent.

The news follows reports Apple pushed out a similar software fix to dodge an iPhone import ban in China, and comes during an ITC review of an earlier decision not to block iPhone shipments despite evidence it infringed on the power saving patent.

In the event the ITC rules against Apple and decides to enforce a ban, the vendor said it will ask US Customs and Border Protection, the enforcing agency, to review its new software design to confirm non-infringement.