Apple reportedly neared an agreement with OpenAI to use the company’s ChatGPT features in its upcoming iOS 18, as part of a number of AI features the iPhone-maker is planning to unveil for its devices over the next month.

Bloomberg sources claim Apple is in the process of finalising terms with OpenAI, ahead of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in June, when it is expected to announce its wider plans around AI.

The mooted deal with OpenAI comes a few months after the outlet reported Apple had also entered into talks about a similar arrangement with Google for its Gemini GenAI platform. While those discussions have not yet led to an agreement, they are still ongoing.

Apple’s push around AI comes as the company attempts to keep pace with rivals in the hardware segment, including Samsung. The South Korean vendor notably uses Gemini to power AI features in its latest devices, unveiled in January this year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear last year that AI was on the agenda for Apple devices, but added it would introduce the technology “on a very thoughtful basis”.

In its most recent earnings call, Cook also argued Apple may have the edge over rivals in the new era due to its “unique combination of seamless hardware, software and services integration”.

“We believe in the transformative power and promise of AI,” he added.

For OpenAI, a deal with Apple enhances the AI specialist’s reputation further. It has already been backed to the tune of billions of dollars by Microsoft.