Apple added six more Samsung products to its US patent lawsuit against the South Korean technology company, reports Reuters.

According to a court filing, Apple has added Samsung's Note II, Galaxy SIII (running the Jelly Bean version of Android), Galaxy SIII mini, Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi, Galaxy Tab 2 and Rugby Pro to the second of two federal court cases pending in the US District Court of San Jose.

The devices were released more recently than those involved in the lawsuit in which Apple won a jury decision in August, requiring Samsung to pay US$1.05 billion in damages. The handset number one is appealing this verdict.

The second lawsuit was filed in February, accusing Samsung of infringing eight patents with a number of smartphone and tablet devices, including the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung denied these claims and filed a counter suit against Apple, accusing it of infringing eight of its patents with the iPhone and iPad. Samsung recently added the iPhone 5 to its complaint.

Samsung last week won a ruling for Apple to reveal the details of its patent licensing agreement with HTC. Samsung believes the agreement covers some of the same patents Apple is attacking it over, meaning the information could be valuable in defeating Apple’s efforts to secure a US sales ban on Samsung products, following its victory in August.