Electronic components manufacturer TDK lauded the development of battery material designed for use in wearable devices, which it stated offers 100-times higher energy density than its conventional product.

The Japan-based company said the material developed would be used in its next generation CeraCharge solid-state battery. It states the new models will have an energy density of 1,000 watt-hours per litre, a unit used to measure a battery’s energy content in relation to its volume.

TDK noted the material will provide a significant boost to its existing mass-produced solid-state batteries due to the use of “oxide-based solid electrolyte and lithium alloy anodes”.

The company claimed the material made batteries “extremely safe”, with the intent it would be used in consumer electronics coming into direct contact with the human body.

Devices set to use the upcoming generation of batteries include smart watches, wireless earphones and hearing aids. These are set to benefit from a smaller battery allowing more streamlined device design and longer operating time, the company indicated.

The Japanese technology company makes components for a wide range of electronics including smartphones, infrastructure and electric vehicles. It counts Apple among its customers.