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ZTE Helps China Mobile Upgrade SPN Network Reliability

13 APR 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation and the Shanghai Branch of China Mobile have deployed control plane rerouting on the existing SPN network, and successfully upgraded the reliability of the SPN network, thereby improving the SLA of the SPN to 99.999%.

Based on this SPN network with enhanced reliability, the Shanghai Branch of China Mobile can deliver quality services for more 5G industry customers with high-quality requirements.

The Shanghai Branch of China Mobile boasts the largest 5G SPN network in a single city in China. Equipped with complete infrastructure, it is well positioned to expand new 5G services. By deploying the new-generation intelligent management & control system – ZENIC ONE (UME), ZTE has loaded the network control plane rerouting onto the existing SPN network to implement automatic intra-domain and inter-domain rerouting.

Combining the rerouting and SR-TP 1:1 tunnel protection, the network offers “permanent 1:1” protection, ensuring that the primary and standby paths are always online and the services can be recovered automatically and rapidly in cases of single-point and multi-point faults.

ZTE and the Shanghai Branch of China Mobile will jointly continue exploring the potential of network values, providing services for industries with high-quality requirements such as telemedicine, autonomous driving, and smart port. Both companies will also work together to provide guarantee for network uncertainty caused by unexpected events.



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