PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation kicked off the ZTE 5G Summit & User Congress 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. ZTE Mobile Devices adheres to the global brand vision of “Better for All,” bringing numerous innovative smart devices to the event, including nubia Pad 3D as the world’s first AI-powered eyewear-free 3D tablet, nubia Neo 5G as a 5G gaming phone for global beginners, and Blade V50 Design with an elegant appearance. The market share of ZTE FWA & MBB products ranks first in the world, MC888 and other 5G FWA & MBB products are presented at the event as well, offering fast and stable 5G connections to users.

Earlier this year, ZTE has partnered with AIS, Thailand’s largest mobile carrier, to jointly announce the world’s first AI-powered eyewear-free 3D tablet – nubia Pad 3D, at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023. This innovative device is jointly developed by ZTE and Leia Inc., the world’s leading eyewear-free 3D developer. It features unique 3D lightfield technology and AI computing power to adapt various 3D application scenarios, realizing AI eye-tracking, real-time AI-based 2D to 3D content conversion. Also, both its rear and front cameras are capable of capturing 3D content. The tablet is equipped with the world’s largest 3D content ecosystem, allowing users to seamlessly enjoy the world’s first 3D augmented video chat, 3D streaming, immersive 3D games, 3D content sharing and creation applications. Meanwhile, nubia Pad 3D can be applied in scenarios more than 3D education for digital demonstration, 3D medical support and model illustration, 3D digital exhibition. In addition, the collaboration with AIS has played an important role in promoting the development of Thailand’s communication industry, facilitating the global reach of innovative technological products to users worldwide. 

Nubia’s latest gaming phone for global beginners – nubia Neo 5G, has made its debut in the Thai market responding to the smartphone gaming boom in Southeast Asia. Boasting a futuristic aesthetic design, the phone is not only visually appealing but also offers a range of features designed to enhance the gaming experience. With a gamified configuration, individualized design, strong performance powered by UNISOC 5G SoC T820, nubia Neo 5G has attracted gaming enthusiasts around the globe.

Another mobile device showcased at the event, ZTE Blade V50 Design, boasts an elegant appearance with classic minimalist design. Equipped with a high-transparency glass on the back, it also adopts an integrated camera design. It further impresses with a 6.6-inch FHD+ large screen, 50MP triple camera, 5000mAh large battery, performing well in all aspects.

The market share of ZTE 5G FWA & MBB products ranks first in the world for the leading technology in commercialized field. With the growing global demand for 5G connections, ZTE expects to further strengthen the product philosophy of GIS (Green, Intelligence, Security), based on the application of 5G data terminals. Furthermore, ZTE has integrated the GIS concept into new products R&D, and thus reducing the overall energy consumption by 10%. Its GIS achievements exemplified by 5G CPE, portable Wi-Fi products and others were also showcased at the event,  By connecting to the Internet through 5G networks, these products support fast, stable, and efficient data transfer. ZTE, as a global leader in the FWA & MBB field implementing with green technologies, aims to provide smarter and more secure connections, building a new era of intelligent connections.

At present, 5G is actively reshaping the daily lives of users. The new vision of “Better for All” serves as an enabler for ZTE Mobile Devices to accelerate the integration of intelligent devices and lead the digital life forward in the post-5G era where everything is smartly connected. ZTE is committed to satisfying global consumers by providing competitive products & services with better price, better experience, and better quality. It aims to be the better choice for all and go beyond their expectation. In the near future, ZTE Mobile Devices will continue to make innovations in technology and products, and bring global users a digital lifestyle with full-scenario seamless connections.