PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has partnered with True Corporation, a prominent Thai telecom-tech company, to roll out an advanced digital network in  Thailand. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure to cater to the growing needs of its thriving tourism industry, in line with their strategic plan of ‘Customer – Centric Single Grid Network.’

As the demand for superior network infrastructure surges, True Corporation is dedicated to integrating 5G and cutting-edge digital technologies to improve network quality. This partnership with ZTE demonstrates True Corporation’s commitment to meeting the growing needs of tourists and promoting sustainable industry growth.

In recent years, the large-scale deployment of 5G in Thailand has led to a significant increase in energy consumption and limited tower space for operators. To address the challenges posed by 5G, True Corporation has partnered with ZTE to introduce the industry’s unique 12TR Ultra-broadband Radio (UBR) equipment and AI-powered energy-saving (PowerPilot) solution. These innovations have greatly enhanced the efficiency of the True5G network. By reducing the number of modules per base station by 83% and the equipment weight by 60%, they enable True to provide a higher-performing and superior quality network to the public.

As a result of the collaborative innovation between True and ZTE, it is estimated that each site will achieve an annual energy savings of approximately 3,820 kWh and a reduction in carbon footprint of 1,910 kg by innovative 12TR UBR and PowerPilot solution. These figures highlight the ‘Customer – Centric Single Grid Network’ strategy’s impact on contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle for the Thai population and a greener infrastructure for Thai society.

The collaboration between True and ZTE signifies a substantial stride towards a digital and intelligent future for both entities, unlocking fresh growth prospects for Thailand’s tourism and associated industries. This robust partnership bolsters True Corporation in realizing its network and environmental aspirations, solidifying its stance as a front runner in the Thai telecommunications landscape by providing premium services and fostering regional economic progress.