PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation, China Telecom and China Unicom have successfully applied the industry’s first digital twin-based smart operation for the co-construction and sharing network during the Asian Games, providing network assurance for users.

China Telecom and China Unicom have jointly built the largest co-construction and sharing network in the world currently. Amidst the complexities of co-operation efficiency and decision making, one of the most crucial challenges is how to ensure smooth user experience, particularly during major events like the Asian Games.

To tackle these challenges, with a unified DTN (Digital Twin Network), the high-precision digital twin-based operation platform is established featuring the centralized, transparent and proactive operation mode, which assured about 600,000 audience across 48 matches held in 21 venues during the Asian Games. Leveraging the leading BIM modeling technology and GIS engine, 21 competition venues, surrounding environments, and cell topologies can be accurately captured with 3D reconstruction.

With the positioning algorithm in meter-level, the spatial distribution of network indicators can be precisely demonstrated, while aligning service KQI with network KPI, enabling the co-operation team to spot the issue in real time.

Besides, with AI and knowledge-driven digital twin modeling, the platform can dynamically predict the peak traffic, estimate the trend of network, service and users experience to enable proactive problem solving in advance with 90% accuracy in problem detection. It can then perform online inference using datasets to derive the intelligent optimal tuning strategy in one minute. Pre-verification of the tuning results can be produced to both parties in white box and quantified mode, helping the agreement of network tuning decision by both parties to be made in 3 minutes in average.

The utilization of digital twins and data-driven AI model technologies shows the possibility and potential of co-operation efficiency improvement and cost savings for the co-construction and sharing network. Moving forward, China Telecom, China Unicom and ZTE will further strengthen their collaboration in various scenarios, aiming to create more flexible, efficient, and intelligent networks.