PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation and Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest digital telecommunication service provider, have announced a strategic collaboration to advance their network portfolios in the future. Marked by the signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) between Telkomsel and ZTE at the MWC Barcelona 2024 on February 27, this collaboration is the joint effort by both companies to deliver high-speed internet experiences of over 1 Gbps (gigabit experience) to customers in Indonesia, both at home and on the go.

Through this collaboration, Telkomsel and ZTE will explore several cutting-edge network technology solutions that can deliver high-speed telecommunications experiences to consumers in Indonesia, including Network Edge AI, 5G Advanced, and Intelligent Home Network. Trials by both companies will be conducted at various specific Telkomsel network locations in Indonesia to assess their utilization in real-world situations, including in aspects of user experience with network resource and cost efficiency.

Indra Mardiatna, Chief Technology Officer of Telkomsel, stated, “As Indonesia’s largest convergence service provider, Telkomsel is committed to continuously improving service quality and customer experience through the utilization of the latest technology. With the synergy of both Telkomsel and ZTE network technology capabilities to deliver a reliable and efficient high-speed internet experience, we hope to open up more impactful innovation opportunities to drive inclusive and sustainable progress.”

Mei Zhonghua, SVP of ZTE, said, “We are excited to work with Telkomsel, the largest telecommunications company in Indonesia, to pioneer a future with a faster and more stable connectivity experience that can be utilized across a wider spectrum of applications. Telkomsel’s confidence in using ZTE’s technology solutions over the years demonstrates our high standards of service quality and commitment to staying at the forefront of technology innovation, paving the way for exceptional high-speed connectivity.”

Trials of network utilization that implements AI technology with ZTE in the Network Edge AI solution are expected to support energy and resource efficiency by considering network loads, thereby enhancing the overall network experience. Meanwhile, with the 5G-Advanced solution, Telkomsel and ZTE will introduce Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) technology to optimize signal range and RedCap to simplify the complexity of IoT and 5G device implementations in the industry.

In the Intelligent Home Network solution utilizing ZTE’s Smart Cloud Platform (SCP), the management of Mesh Access Points (AP), IP Cameras (IPC), and Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) devices simultaneously will be combined with the utilization of AI to enhance the entertainment content experience, thus expected to complement Telkomsel’s overall customer experience quality and strengthen Wi-Fi capabilities at home. This collaboration also opens up further opportunities to drive Telkomsel’s internal digital transformation through the addition of insights into the utilization of the latest technology.

In their joint commitment to creating innovation in the field of telecommunications and driving digital transformation, Telkomsel and ZTE’s strategic collaboration has brought forth several projects aimed at expanding inclusive and sustainable connectivity access. At MWC 2023, both companies jointly developed the utilization of 5G services for the enterprise segment in Indonesia. Concurrently, ZTE and Telkomsel are committed to enhancing capacity and broadband networks for maritime regions in Indonesia, which by the end of 2023 was materialized in the form of MarineMobile, a long-distance mobile communication solution designed to assist fishermen in overcoming the operational challenges they often face.