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Interview: Travis Fran Healy on mobiles, music and teenage lies

03 OCT 2012

In the first of a series of mobile music video features this month, Mobile World Live interviews Fran Healy, frontman for Scottish band Travis. A self-confessed Apple aficionado and tech fan, Healy believes mobiles can bring artists closer to their fan base: “Context will be the next big buzzword.. a mobile can know where you are and where everything else is,” he says. And with a new album set for launch next Spring, Healy tells us how there is room in the market for a new retail model to rival giants such as iTunes: “Apple are brilliant but they are not the artist. There’s space for something to come along that is a gamechanger… the only people that can provide that properly are the people that make the music – not the record company, manager or Apple.” Stay tuned to the end to find out whether he reveals exactly what he lied about when he was 17…

View the interview here.


Justin Springham

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