Nokia licensee Human Mobile Devices (HMD) unveiled the latest tie-up from its white label business, producing a promotional device designed to just support calls and SMS in partnership with drinks company Heineken and lifestyle brand Bodega.

Named The Boring Phone, the handset lacks apps or access to the internet and is being used to promote people enjoying social occasions without distractions associated with smartphone apps and social media.

It is being positioned by the manufacturer as the first launch from its white label business, which was unveiled on the eve of MWC Barcelona 2024. At that event the company discussed its strategy to produce devices outside of its and the Nokia brand, with a Barbie handset slated for release later this year.

The Boring Phone will be showcased at the Milan Design Week tomorrow (18 April). It uses holographic stickers and transparent casing the brands involved claim is “reminiscent of mobile phones of the early 2000s”.

It can last a week on stand-by and has 20 hours of talk time.

The brands marketing the HMD produced phone noted they will be giving away the device to “revellers around the world” following its unveiling in Italy. Heineken noted there would be 5,000 made.

An associated app will be launched later this year claimed to “turn smartphones boring” to encourage people to disconnect while socialising.

Previously known as HMD Global, the rebadged HMD announced last year it planned to launch handsets under its own brand alongside a white label business, having previously released devices using the Nokia name.

It has regularly maintained it also plans to continue releasing Nokia-branded handsets.