T-Mobile US reiterated plans to add 5,000 new jobs by May 2021 as it began laying off redundant employees two-and-a-half months after closing its merger with Sprint.

The operator did not say how many workers were impacted by the move, but TechCrunch reported a series of calls between executives took place on 15 June, with nearly 400 staff ditched during one of these alone.

T-Mobile confirmed jobs were going, arguing in a statement the move was “essential” for it to “remain a fast-moving and competitive growth company” and would result in “additional career opportunities for many”.

The operator noted a campaign began in May to hire 5,000 new staff “in multiple departments” over the following 12 months, highlighting retail, customer care, enterprise, network and engineering as focus areas.

It added some redundant employees were asked to consider a career change within the company and said it would help others find new positions elsewhere.

The move appears to bear out a warning by the Communication Workers of America union regarding job losses stemming from the merger, which it previously reckoned at up to 30,000.

In May, multiple news outlets reported the operator planned to end franchise agreements with up to 2,000 dealer-owned retail outlets operating under its Metro by T-Mobile prepaid brand, impacting an estimated 6,000 staff.