Enterprise software company Dialpad and T-Mobile US extended a partnership by three years and announced availability of a large language model (LLM) designed to generate conversational summaries of every AI-enabled business call or meeting.

The companies stated Ai Recaps uses more than 6 billion minutes of Dialpad’s proprietary conversational data to provide customised insights.

Craig Walker, CEO and founder of Dialpad, said Ai Recaps is “a step toward making Ai a tangible reality for businesses and the modern workforce”.

The companies claimed Ai Recaps reduces the time taken to review calls and take notes, “while more accurately identifying the next steps from conversations”.

Mishka Dehghan, SVP of strategy, product and solutions engineering for T-Mobile Business Group, stated the collaboration helps “businesses work smarter and close deals faster through real-time insights from every customer interaction”.

Dialpad said an early adopter version launched earlier this year had been used for more than 50 million calls and meetings.

As Dialpad’s exclusive operating partner in the US, T-Mobile offers business customers a full suite of AI-enabled services and features developed by the software company.

Additional AI features include “auto-save to CRM”, which allows sales representatives to integrate summaries into customer relationship management records, and an improved transcription service with automatically removes filler words.

T-Mobile US Business Group president Callie Field joined Dialpad’s board in 2023.

Dialpad, Google, Webex by Cisco and Zoom Video Communications are participating in a T-Mobile 5G network slicing beta targeting improved video calling for remote workers.