T-Mobile US continued to beat rivals AT&T and Verizon for net post-paid phone additions with 934,000 in Q4 2023, but each of the trio surpassed their numbers from Q4 2022.

AT&T recorded net additions of 526,000 post-paid phone users in Q4 2023 compared to 41,000 in Q4 2022. Verizon snared 318,000 wireless retail additions versus 41,000, while T-Mobile recorded 891,000 in Q4 2022.

On its earnings call, T-Mobile US CEO Mike Sievert (pictured) noted all three of the largest US operators were providing wireless subscribers with three-times more data and four-times greater speeds than they were five years ago.

“We’re in an era of unprecedented value that consumers and businesses are realising from this category,” Sievert stated.

T-Mobile expects to add between 5 million and 5.5 million post-paid customers in 2024, half of which CFO Peter Osvaldik stated would come from “post-paid phone”.

The operator added 541,000 fixed wireless home internet customers to bring its total to 4.8 million. Sievert stated it was on track to meet its target of 7 million to 8 million subscribers in this category by 2025.

Total service revenue increased 3 per cent to $16 billion in Q4 and 3 per cent for the full year to $63.2 billion.

Net income increased 36 per cent to $2 billion and 221 per cent to $8.3 billion in the full year.