T-Mobile US finally gained Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval to deploy 2.5GHz spectrum it won in an auction in 2022, most of which it plans to deploy over the next few days to boost performance on its 5G network.

The operator stated it would add the spectrum to almost 11,000 sites covering nearly 60 million customers over roughly 300,000 square miles, with the remainder of the spectrum to be deployed as new towers are built.

It detailed the plan yesterday (6 March), a little over a week after the FCC approved access despite an objection by AT&T due to concerns the allocation “would exacerbate a 5G spectrum imbalance and deepen concerns about long-term wireless competition”.

T-Mobile agreed to divest some of the 2.5GHz spectrum in Hawaii as a condition for the FCC’s approval.

The spectrum was in limbo after the FCC lost its allocation authority in March 2023.

T-Mobile stated customers would experience an immediate boost in 5G performance.

In addition to faster data rates, T-Mobile previously stated it would be able to extend the reach of fixed wireless access service by using the spectrum.

CEO Mike Sievert said the spectrum can be deployed immediately due to years of planning.