Orange tapped Nokia to deploy network slicing in a live private network built for Schneider Electric in France, providing a commercial example of a technology operators expect can help them generate revenue from 5G.

The factory uses connected machines and AR to reduce maintenance costs. Nokia is adding its slicing system to an Orange network, which the operator stated creates the first 4G/5G end-to-end private network compatible with the technology.

Operators see slicing as a key enabler of private networks, which are expected to be a key 5G revenue driver.

Arnaud Vamparys, SVP of radio networks at Orange, stated network slicing enabled the operator to “further explore with Schneider Electric the power of scalable private 4G/5G connectivity applied to industrial uses”.

Nokia explained its system includes domain controller software in the RAN, core and transport layers, enabling each to connect and form a network slice. It added the set-up is compatible with LTE, and non-standalone and standalone 5G devices

Tommi Uitto, president of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said all end users equipped with 4G or 5G devices will be able to use its slicing-enabled private networks. The technology enables operators to set different performance metrics and priorities for smartphones and connected machines.