Nokia paused legal action against German auto company Daimler as it looks to resolve an ongoing row over patent licensing fees through mediation, Reuters reported.

Speaking to the news agency, Nokia representative Mark Durrant said it had chosen to suspend a court hearing due to be held today (10 December) in Germany, as it hopes constructive negotiation would be the best way to resolve the matter.

“We trust that Daimler and its tier-one suppliers will now engage in these meaningful efforts to reach settlement. There is more to gain for all if we work together,” he said.

The decision to halt legal proceedings was somewhat expected after Nokia said last week it was working to end disputes with several companies in the automotive industry, in a bid to stave off a European Commission (EC) investigation.

Along with Daimler, Nokia is seeking patent fees from automotive components suppliers Bury Technologies, Valeo, Continental and software company Gemalto. The companies complained to the EC about Nokia’s demands.

Daimler launched its own lawsuit against Nokia in retaliation and was cool on Nokia’s move to ease tensions, stating it has a different legal opinion on how to licence telecoms patents in the automotive industry.

However, Nokia’s decision to postpone the court battle was favourably received by EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who told Reuters a “mutual understanding” would be welcome.