Car manufacturer Daimler filed a complaint with the European Commission (EC) against Nokia related to the use of telecommunications patents by the automotive industry, a grievance the network vendor slammed as meritless.

The case was first brought to light by legal publication Policy and Regulatory Report.

Although specific details of the complaint have not been disclosed by either party, in a statement to Mobile World Live Daimler confirmed the action: “We want clarification on how essential patents for telecommunications standards are to be licensed in the automotive industry.”

“Fair and non-discriminatory access to these standards for all users of the essential patents for telecommunications standards is a key prerequisite for the development of new products and services for connected driving,” the company added.

Nokia added it has been in discussions with car manufacturers on licensing since 2015. A representative said: “Though we offer a wide range of options for auto makers, including through their ­tier-one suppliers, Daimler has resisted taking a licence to the Nokia inventions it is already using. Daimler’s allegations in its complaint to the EU are simply the latest in a long series of actions to avoid taking a licence.”

“Despite the meritless accusations by Daimler, our door remains open for constructive dialogue aimed at finding a workable solution for Daimler and others in the automotive sector. We believe there is more to gain for all if we work together.”

The EC confirmed it had received the complaint and was in the process of assessing it.