LG Electronics scored a victory in one of three lawsuits against rival TCL Communication, with a German court ruling the China-headquartered vendor used a patent covering LTE technology in its handsets without a licence.

In a statement, LG noted it was taking “immediate steps” to stop TCL from unlawfully using its technology following the conclusion of a case initiated in November 2019.

TCL is able to appeal the judgement and a nullity action against the patent by the company is pending in court.

The remaining two lawsuits are in motion, with a case for one beginning earlier this month and the other due to commence in May.

LG VP and head of IP Center Cho Hwi jae said it was the company’s responsibility to “vigorously protect” IP against any and all unauthorised cases.

“Our patented technologies are the fruit of continuous research and development and are central to our ongoing competitiveness in the industry and that motives our employees to think creatively,” he added.

At the turn of the year, LG revealed it was reviewing its future in the smartphone segment, as it continues to report huge losses for its troubled mobile division.