Bloomberg reported Apple emerged largely victorious in a lengthy legal dispute with Epic Games, after a US appeals court upheld a previous ruling its App Store policies did not breach competition laws.

The news site reported the appeals court ruled against Epic Games’ claim the ‌App Store‌ rules violated US law by not allowing third-party marketplaces on iOS devices.

Apple told Bloomberg the ruling is a “resounding victory in this case”, but was disappointed the court also upheld an original decision regarding access to third-party payment options.

Bloomberg reported a trio of appeals court judges noted the potential importance of online payment platforms to the US “economy and democracy”.

Epic Games and Apple went head-to-head in 2020 over payment options on the developer’s Fortnite title, with various countersuits and appeals then ensuing.

The latest appeal related to a ruling by a lower US court in 2021 that Apple does not violate competition laws or monopolise the market.

Early in 2022, Apple claimed research showed third-party apps were thriving on iPhones and other devices.